ThinkPad E450 20DCCTO1WW 〔Windows 10〕
Price32000-2000 -30000

Product information
Product rank: (second hand, Not Good -But use)
Manufacturer Lenovo (Lenovo Japan)
Series name :ThinkPad E450
OS Windows 10 Home (64 bit)
CPU Core i3 5005U (2GHz)
Memory capacity: 8GB
Storage type_1 HDD
Storage capacity_1 HDD: 500GB
Optical drive Drive sold separately
Monitor size 14 inches
Monitor type Monitor
Monitor resolution 1920x1080/Full HD
Graphics chip Intel HD Graphics 5500 (built-in CPU)
Wired LAN standard LAN (1000BASE-T)
Wireless LAN standard With wireless LAN
Bluetooth standard Bluetooth 4.0
Web camera with camera
Weight 1.81kg (catalog value)
Included software KINGSOFT WPS Office

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