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The color is white.

Below is an excerpt of the product overview.

Free you from the heat of summer with Keylitas hand-held fans!
White  sophisticated designs and simple color schemes give you a cool look.  for the beauty of the summer, you just  summer breeze! Blow away the heat with a strong and cool breeze, you can fully enjoy the freshness of summer!
On a hot summer train, when you're wearing a mask for a long time and smoldering, when you don't want to get your clothes dirty with sweat at work, when you don't want to get makeup off with sweat, when you don't want to get heat stroke... Please use The Keylytomos mini-fan. You can stay healthy even in hot summers. It's perfect for dates and meetings because it lets you blow out a uniform breeze, efficiently circulate the surrounding air and temperature, dissipate hot air, and enjoy coolness.

#Three-stage wind control
The air volume can be easily adjusted in three modes: weak to strong mode + rhythm style. It is convenient to carry, but you can feel coolness firmly. Strong winds are also effective in heat stroke countermeasures. Keylitos handheld fans have a new natural wind mode that doesn't catch cold even when used for a long time. It is available not only for adults, but also for children and the elderly.

180-degree angle adjustment, rotatable pocket design
The fan head can be rotated 180 degrees and can be used from different angles to suit different needs. When you go on a picnic, you can put it in your bag and carry it with you easily. The USB cable can be connected to a computer, charger or adapter for charging, can also be used as a strap, and can be held in your hand when you're on a hot summer trip. In places where air is poor, it rotates and is placed on a tabletop to blow out a clean new wind and avoid heat stroke.

Four feathers, compact and powerful!
There is a strong air volume in a light body. The blades made of four high-quality materials can be adjusted to 30 degrees, and by uniformly cutting air during rotation, a wider blowing range and stronger air volume are achieved.

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